Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Timberland rawhide Tan 113cm 44

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Timberland rawhide Tan 113cm 44

Brand : Timberland
Binding : Shoes
Color : Tan
EAN : 0614968397906
Label : Timberland
Product Group : Sports
Product Type Name : SPORTING_GOODS
Manufacturer : Timberland

Estimated Price : £9.99

List Price : £9.99
Price subject to change without prior notice
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  • Fits boots and shoes with up to 8 x 2 eyelets~
  • 100% rawhide leather for long wear~
  • Material Composition: Rawhide~
  • Timberland quality means they'll last.~
  • Genuine leather makes these rawhide laces a rugged choice for all kinds of boots, chukkas and shoes.~

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Timberland rawhide Tan 113cm 44

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